Matti Liimatainen

Matti Liimatainen a fashion designer, currently prepares his PHD about the fashion industries automation. His Brand Self-Assembly is a clothing label that makes garment construction kits. The garment assembly process doesn't require any prior skill, making the collection a more accessible and a more sustainable process

Lift, Tokyo

Lift Etage, a clothing store based in Daikanyama, Tokyo that collaborates with artists and designers to propose new fashion concepts. The store is curated to show off the construction and craftsmanship of clothing and materials. The Lift store feels more like a gallery than clothing store, which really contrasts to the mass consumption and fast pace of the fashion industry. 

We are soft bodies

Wondering Wombs

'We are soft bodies, Wondering Wombs' is a performance by Jolien van Schagen and Sinead O’Dwyer, , where they instinctively explore their relationship to their bodies through food, object, garments & performance. The performance is an interactive dinner party, that merges the elements of food, crafted objects and guests into a moving still-life.

Salman Rushdie 

Midnights Children

Rushdie retells India's history with his narration of the life of Saleem Sinai, who was born precisely when India achieved independence. What I find particularly interesting is the deliberate unreliability of historical events in India's history. The version of history Saleem the narrator offers comes filtered through his perspective, just as every other version of history comes filtered through some alternate perspective; which blurs the line between fact and fiction.


Sruli Recht

Transparent leather

Esmay Wagemans

Smart Fiber 

WW2 German Flight Liner Jacket 

‘Smart Fiber’, is a manufacturer that permanently integrates organic matter such as Zinc and Seaweed into a cellulose fiber.  These additives are proven to deliver health benefits directly to the skin. Zinc is incorporated into the finer, for it's anti bacterial quality, anti inflammatory, and proven to be helpful for people with skin conditions such as Eczema.



Estorick Collection 

Eric Bainbridge 'the patination of..'

Arte Povera, or “poor art” came to prominence in Italy in the late 60s – against a backdrop of huge social and economic change and radical shifts in artistic experimentation – a loose name given to a group of conceptual artists working in Rome and Milan. This exhibition at Estorick Collection looks at  how the movement influenced a group of British artists to reject coherent styles in the 70s and 80s, such as this synthetic fur pieces by Eric Bainbridge. 



Edward Brathwaith

X-radiography of Textiles, dress and related objects 

Brathwaith's poetry radiates with music and rhythm,  these poems are rooted with post colonial anger and hope. I am interested in the depiction of the past and present state of the Caribbean history and how it relates to him and his identity. 



Tom et Arthur 

Hormone balancing workshop

Matthew Barney Drawing Restraint  II

Leeza Pritychenko

Tom Schneider a trained cabinet maker, and Arther Tramier a designers with a background in fashion. Together they form counter-correct objects in what they call ‘deepdeep domestic’ layouts. The above latex dining table is said to create a condition for new cannibalism, where plastic, human, nature and food become all the same. 




Matthew Barney's use of petroleum Jelly in his Drawing Restraint series is of particular interest to me. The petroleum a fat-like substance is a bi-product of the oil industry, is a major theme and material in the works. The petroleum changes consistency depending on temperature, meaning Barney never exactly knows how it will behave. Whats interesting is the vagueness of how you can and can't control this man-made material. 




Misha Kahn

Beate Peter

Dr Beate Peter is a Senior Lecturer at Manchester Met University. Her experience of clubbing in Berlin whilst studying there led to her PhD on club culture and the unconscious. Her current research investigates the impact of dance, popular music and related cultures on people's lives. She has published research on techno in Berlin.



Laure Prouvost 

Laure Prouvost 

Tenant of Culture 

Bart Hess Work with me people

Piero Gilardi

Korakrit Arunanondchai

Painting with a room filled with people and funny names 3

 Korakri Arunanondchai's video weaves autobiographical themes and current cultural subjects such as Manchester united; a popular team in Thailand. The depiction of contemporary Thailand, seems to suggest mythology takes place in a information capitalism society that is interconnected through the internet. The video was shown in Momat Museum, Tokyo where huge tie dye cushions were spread out in a dark room, to the sound of hid-hop music. 



Space 10 X Ma-tt-er

By BOrre

Final Home