Rosie Broadhead is an apparel designer specialising in biomaterials in the fashion industry. A recent MA graduate from Central Saint Martins’ 'Material Futures'. Her interests lie between the skin and interaction with clothing, and how science and technology will influence the future of fashion. Her most recent project ' Skin II' probiotic clothing, is a collaboration with microbiologist Dr. Chris Callewaert, exploring the natural biological function of the skin in combination with everyday garments. 



Exhibitions and Competitions:

2020 April - 'Dream Sleep Sounds',  The Earth Issue

2020 April - 'Slip', Late Works, London

2020 April - 'How to Make' with Zoe Laughlin, BBC Four

2020 Feb - Green Product Award Nominee, Munich 

2020 Jan - You Fab, Global Creative Awards, Finalist, Tokyo

2020 Jan - 'Future Fabric Expo' The Sustainable Angle, London

2019 Nov -'Micobiome Inside Out' Naturalis Museum, Leiden

2019 Oct - 'United Matters' Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

2019 Sept - 'Bio Design Here and Now' Open Cell, LDF

2019 May - July - Yksi Expo 'Milan Re-Used', Eindhoven

2019 June - Material Futures Degree Show Show, Central Saint Martins'

2018 April - Ventura Futures, Milan Design Week

2018 Dec - Material Futures WIP Show, London 

2018 Nov - 'Future Factories' Design Museum, London